Your Program

Q. What will your course be like?  

A. It will fit your needs and our schedules. There are 3 types of programs.

Intensive Online Program

Weekly or bi-weekly online instruction via Skype, followed by independent practice and study of specific materials which are uploaded to a private website for our collaboration and useAn example:  a weekly session reveals a misunderstanding about how a particular sound should be made; I will teach you how to correctly produce the sound, and give you practice materials to review and use until the next class.  Another example:  People often ask you to repeat what you’ve said; during our session we discover the problem is your intonation use (or lack of it).  I will teach you what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, what you should be doing, and, most importantly, how to do it correctly. Email me at

Corporate Packages

Daily private 1-to-1 classes at client’s work location, followed by distance-online practice and reinforcement.  The package plan and price is negotiated case by case.  Here’s an example: a 2-week intensive corporate program, followed by weekly online classes; the program is repeated on a quarterly basis.  Subsequent quarters are 1-week intensive face-to-face coursework with related distance practice for the remainder of the quarter. To find out more, contact me yourself, or have your H.R. department contact me. 

Intensive Face-to-Face Program, Non-Corporate

These would require coordination of schedules and life-styles, so contact me and we can talk about what’s possible.  I do travel, and I occasionally do programs and lessons when I’m outside the U.S.  Let’s talk!

Contact me to talk about the possibilities!