Pronunciation Guides for Teachers

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These guides are written for ESL and EFL teachers, tutors, and accent reduction coaches.

American English for Arabic Speakers: A Guide to Pronunciation covers the most significant interference points between Arabic and English…the features that the 2 languages don’t share in common, and which therefore cause problems for learners. You can find it on right here!

The American English for Japanese Speakers series addresses the many interference points between Japanese and English…it’s written in three parts. Part 1 covers vowels, consonants, blends, clusters, and the ever problematic R and L. If you invest time in these small building blocks of the English sound, your students will reap more rewards later when they practice rhythm, stress, melody and intonation. Part 2 covers all of that, starting with syllable stress and ending with the signals used as a code to help listeners understand how thought groups are related to each other. The third book in the series, Sound Better Now: Accent Reduction for Japanese Speakers of English, are the worksheets that I use with nearly all my advanced level Japanese clients to help strengthen their sound in English. 

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Peggy Tharpe teaches, coaches, and publishes about English pronunciation and intonation. She believes that if you understand why something is happening, you're better able to address it and change it. She teaches the "why" of pronunciation as well as the "what" and "how".