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11 years teaching adults one-to-one, customizing EFL for professionals in foreign ministries, global corporations, and private clients, at Monterey, now Middlebury, Institute of International Studies Custom Language Programs, in Monterey CA

2 years as content editor, developing, editing, and researching content for ESL assessments for CTB McGraw-Hill in Monterey

1 year in TEFL at English schools and companies, teaching executives,  journalists, soldiers, and other hard-working citizens in Rome IT

Instructional coach for elementary and mid-school EFL Teachers of the summer language immersion program at The American School in Switzerland, Lugano CH

13 years as K-6 ESL teacher, 2 years as K-6 instructional coach, and 3 years as K-12 district resource teacher, at Albuquerque Public Schools, Albuquerque NM, USA

TEFL to Saudi management trainees in Albuquerque NM for Systran/Petrokemya, two-year training program.


2016: American English Pronunciation for ARABIC Speakers

2015: American English Pronunciation for Intermediate and advanced  JAPANESE Speakers

2015: AMERICAN ENGLISH FOR JAPANESE SPEAKERS–TEACH PRONUNCIATION BETTER Part 1 (vowels, consonants) Part 2: Everything Else (syllables, words, rhythm, stress, intonation)


2016 FLEDS,  Monterey Bay Foreign Language Education Symposium, Middlebury MIIS at Monterey

  • COMPARING L1 AND L2 TO IMPROVE PRONUNCIATION TEACHING AND LEARNING. We looked at features of the Arabic and English ‘sound systems’ and discussed how knowing and understanding these differences can lead to better instructional choices for the pronunciation teacher and learner.
  • LANGUAGE AND CONTENT INTEGRATION: TEACHING YOUNG LEARNERS ENGLISH. We examined teacher-made ESL literacy units that are developmentally appropriate for young learners. Built around predictable books, they teach speaking, writing, grammar, syntax, scientific classification, sight-word development, language pattern recognition, analysis, and synthesis–a powerful integration of language and content.


  • Monterey California. Professional Retreat: Short presentation to MIIS teachers of EFL who work with entering grad students. It was a retreat day for them; for me, it was a chance to make new friends and share some ideas and strategies, mostly about Arabic-English interference, and my favorite resources and how I use them.
  • Monterey California. Private 3-hour workshop  “Teaching Rhythm From the Inside Out” for practicing university EFL teachers.


  • A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE NEED FOR CULTURALLY ACCESSIBLE E-LEARNING.  Participants read about and discussed a global topic—”What cross-cultural issues must be addressed when designing e-learning materials?”  I led the study of a recent article titled:  Culturally Accessible E-learning: An Overdue Global Business Imperative, which was followed by brainstorming future directions, pooling knowledge, and networking.
  • COMPARATIVE PRONUNCIATION TO IMPROVE L2 PERFORMANCE. L1 speakers have difficulty creating challenging sounds in dissimilar second languages because they are unaware of their own L1 sound systems.  Teaching salient features of both phonologies, as well as interference points, raises consciousness and increases intentionality.  English and Arabic are the examples.


Following is a partial list of presentations, workshops, and facilitation I have conducted throughout my career.

  • Differentiating Instruction for Native Speakers and ELLS, in Mainstream Middle and High Classrooms
  • Giftedness in Native American Students:  How do the tribes define “giftedness”?
  • Identifying “Giftedness” in English Language Learners for Public School Systems
  • “Sheltering” Mainstream Academic Content for English Language Learners
  • Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Learners
  • Diagnosing Learning Disabilities in English Language Learners
  • Non-literate ELL Refugees Entering Middle School – Where Does a Mainstream Classroom Teacher Begin?!
  • Addressing the Fundamental Challenges for Second Language Learners in Mainstream, Standards-driven Public Education
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