What Motivates Adult Learners

Knowles’ theory, stated simply. I hope I’ve done him justice.  If you’re teaching pronunciation to adults, make sure to incorporate as many of these as possible in your course design.  Maximum learning comes from having all 6 in place.
Malcolm Knowles’ 6 motivations for adult learners

1. The Need to Know: Adults need to know the reason for learning something.

2. The Need to Build a Foundation: Experience (including error) should provide the basis for learning activities.

3. The Need to Engage Their Own Decision-Making Processes: Adults need to be responsible for their decisions on education; involvement in the planning and evaluation of their instruction.

4. Readiness and Relevance: Adults are most interested in learning subjects having immediate relevance to their work and/or personal lives.

5. A Logical Orientation: Adult learning must be problem-centered rather than content-oriented.

6. Internal Motivation:  Adults respond better to internal versus external motivators.

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Peggy Tharpe teaches, coaches, and publishes about English pronunciation and intonation. She believes that if you understand why something is happening, you're better able to address it and change it. She teaches the "why" of pronunciation as well as the "what" and "how".