Testimonials and Recommendations

French accent reduction

After two years spent in the USA, I realized that my French accent was still too pronounced and it sometimes could be an issue to be understood by others. I then decided to find a solution because having a good pronunciation in English was really important to me. I looked up on the internet what type of services were proposed to help me to solve this problem and I found Peggy’s coaching service. I did some further research about her and she had really good reviews on the internet. Therefore, I decided to take a step forward and contacted her. At first, I did not know what to expect, I was wondering if I would get good results. When Peggy wrote me back, I instantaneously understood that she was the right person for me. She is very professional and invested for her students, I was amazingly surprised. As long as you invest yourself, you will get great results from her and will get better quickly. I strongly recommend her for anyone willing to enhance his/her skill pronunciation.Grégory Frank, French

Farsi accent reduction

Peggy is an amazing accent coach. She has a vast pool of techniques to teach you proper American accent. I had tried 3 other accent coaches over the years, however each time I quickly reached a stage where I stopped making progress. With Peggy, I’m overcoming all those obstacles one after the other.  Jeff Saremi, Farsi

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Japanese accent reduction

I’ve been working with Peggy for almost three years. From the past lessons, I learned a great deal from her about not only pronunciation but other important speaking tricks — stress, pitch and delivery. When teaching, she is like a physician, who always gives you correct diagnosis on your tongue position and breath strength; she is also like a sport-gym trainer, who keenly and attentively guides you through your challenges. Overall, she is one of the best English coaches I have ever had in my life. Katsuhiro Chichibu, Japanese speaker, Japanese


Spanish accent reduction

Peggy will help you speak English like you’d never dreamed you could. I experienced the most dramatic improvement of my 15+ years of studying English with Peggy because she knows her craft deeply, has a superb ability to instantly spot your problem areas, and builds her coaching around your specific needs. She masters the very difficult balance of being thorough and at the same time being the kindest, most sensitive and warmest person you could find. I felt completely at ease and absolutely motivated by both her commitment to my improvement and her passion for teaching pronunciation. Peggy expertly explains what most native English speakers (including teachers) can’t: how to do it. She guides you step by step so change becomes possible for you. She’s an expert on the typical interferences speakers of a certain language have. She gives you a wide range of exercises and materials so you improve at the different levels required. She provides a framework with which to continue learning to speak better and better, for the rest of your life. No book, no CD, no software, will ever come close. Believe me, I tried all those. Every serious English student deserves a course with Peggy. It’s great that I had mine, and it was a lot of fun, too!  Emilio O., Spanish speaker, Spanish

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Japanese accent reduction

My tutoring session with Peggy was truly amazing. I had been studying English for 16 years and my English pronunciation level was fairly high; however, I could not pronounce certain words and none of my English teachers could tell me what I was doing wrong and how to correct my mistakes. Peggy helped me diagnose my tongue position and start to correct it. In less than 3 weeks, I was able to understand what my tendencies are in terms of pronunciation and she introduced many techniques I can use. Peggy is very patient, diligent and one of the most experienced instructors I’ve ever had, and I wish I had had her as my pronunciation teacher at an early stage of my English study. H.T., Japanese 

Swiss accent reduction

I was impressed how deeply Peggy was engaged in the preparation of the lessons. Peggy is…an outstanding specialist in her field. Two things I liked most: I acquired a deeper understanding of the language in every class, and the fact that Peggy was pretty demanding. She has an exceptional talent as a professional trainer. S.K., Swiss 

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Korean accent reduction

I’ve never met a teacher who is more attentive to student’s needs than Peggy. She’s always right on point, making right suggestions and corrections, and helping me greatly see where I am and what I should do to address the problem. Two things I liked most: the full grip of knowledge of the subject that she teaches, and being so open that I could feel free to talk about any subject with the teacher. E.K., Korean

Japanese accent reduction

Pronunciation practices were very effective to improve my pronunciation!! Her explanation was customized for me. Two things I liked most were Peggy’s persistent corrections of my wrong pronunciation [and] her dedicated posture of teaching. She really passionately taught me. Her class was exciting and I learned a lot of new things from her. R.S., Japanese

Chinese accent reduction

She is a treasure for all students. N.J., Chinese


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