The Art (and Science) of Teaching Pronunciation



Just as artists use charcoal or paints or clay to create an experience, teachers use research, best teaching practice and personal insights to craft the best learning experience for their students. I consider what I do to be an art form. I’ve created a unique program and approach, worked hard on my craft, and I’m still learning. I always learn from my experiences…why something worked well or didn’t. And I always learn from my students…what helps move them forward faster in their goals, and what doesn’t.




But before you can paint, you have to know what you can and can’t do with your materials and develop your techniques. ‘Sharpen your axe’ as Abe Lincoln says. Spend time learning, growing, experimenting, testing, evaluating, and reflecting so you’re continually getting stronger and smarter and faster. Not to mention more successful at helping students change their sound in English.




For quick tips on how to ‘sharpen your axe’, check out Peggy’s YouTube videos.