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Pronouncing Vowels and Consonants

Predicting the Pronunciation of Letter ‘a’ in English Words

To B or Not to V (learning to pronounce B and V differently)

Unpredictable Pronunciations of Vowel+R in English

Pronouncing English /ae/

Hearing and Using American English Schwa

Mastering Syllable Stress

Mastering the pronunciation of Eligible, Legible, Illegible

CONtract v. ConTRACT, stress changes when word changes from noun to  verb

Peggy’s “dots” syllable stress worksheets #1 and #2

Dots syllable stress worksheet 1

Dots syllable stress worksheet #2

Getting Feedback on Pronunciation

Using for Pronunciation Feedback

Using for Feedback on Pronunciation

More about SoundCloud

Using Audacity for Pronunciation Feedback

Using Otterwave for Pronunciation Feedback

Becoming Aware of Sounds and Rhythms    Slow down and Speed Up Recordings

Pronunciation-based Listening

Using Metronomes to Teach English Rhythm and Stress

Metronomes II

Good Teaching

6 Components of Effective Pronunciation Teaching

Malcolm Knowles’ 6 Motivators for Adult Learners