Get Pronunciation Feedback from offers video clips for English listening and speaking comprehension, and also pronunciation practice– and the great part is that you get feedback on your pronunciation.

It’s free if you sign up and allow the site to temporarily use your audio tools.

Here’s a screenshot collage of the features I like best: good language samples and models, important vocabulary, transcripts of speeches, and 3 ways to practice: listening comprehension, cloze exercises, and feedback on one’s pronunciation (see on of my student’s mispronunciations on the left, identified in red).

english central snapshot

The link below is to a beginner level, short practice conversation. But there are more advanced levels, and many of the videos are clips from actual interviews with singers and celebrities.

Directions: First listen to the conversation on the WATCH tab. Then fill in the words of the text, on the LEARN tab. Then record yourself on the SPEAK tab; you’ll get a score on your pronunciation, and if you click on a word you’ve recorded, you’ll hear (and see) how your pronunciation compares to the model pronunciation. If you want to bring this to a teacher or coach, you can screen-capture this comparison because it color-codes correct and incorrect sounds.

These videos work well for my clients because they can come to our online classes with a better idea not only of what they are mispronouncing, but also what they are saying well. It gives them a greater sense of control and participation; they find encouragement when the get the pronunciation right, and when they don’t, we work on solutions.

Small Talk: Is This Seat Taken? –
A conversation between two strangers in the lobby of an office