The Art of Teaching Pronunciation – 2



This is how one can learn to be an expert teacher…invest your time at the start of your career in learning how to do something really well. Focus on it. Get good at it. Then get even better at it by explaining your ideas and methods over and over to people. This will help you clarify your thoughts, and their questions will move you forward in your own development.

I’ve been apologizing to people because my e-guides are complex and require slow and thoughtful reading, and I know people don’t read much text anymore…we just skim (or even worse, we just scan visually across a page latching onto images). I do it too!

But sometimes you have to invest your time in sharpening your axe, as President Lincoln said. That’s what my e-guides attempt to communicate: how to sharpen your pronunciation teaching axe…it takes time, concentration and reflection. Expertise is developed by “doing”, not “curating”. Learn the science. Sharpen your axe. Develop your craft. Become an artist.

OK, enough lecturing. I just had to get that out.

Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe. --Abe Lincoln Click To Tweet